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Direct oil heating is very effective gadgets that give vast volumes of moment heat where it is required. They are best for open or very much ventilated regions like industrial facilities, distribution centers or building destinations. Master direct radiators are referred to as exceptionally productive and hearty just as sheltered and simple being used.


  • High air current
  • Optional room thermostat
  • Two oil channels – oil tank channel and suction channel
  • Thermally protected engine
  • Electronic flame control with photocell
  • The stainless steel ignition chamber
  • Trolley included for B 100, B 150 and B 300
  • Oil tank with the level indicator
  • Intended for simply taking care of and transportation
  • Simple maintenance


  • Building sites
  • Heating roadworks
  • Workshop and warehouse space warming
  • Greenhouse and storerooms

Indirect oil radiators are exceptionally productive gadgets that give a large volume of 100% perfect, dry a fume-free warm air. They are best for spots with restricted ventilation like shops, occasion’s tents, nourishment arrangement territories or presentation corridors. They can be utilized with adaptable hoses that influence the warm air to be spread around effectively.


  • Clean hot air
  • Duct connection
  • Flue gas fumes
  • Warmth exchanger
  • Optional room indoor regulator
  • Optional fuel pre-warmer
  • Overheat thermostat
  • Thermally protected engine
  • A transparent outer suction channel
  • Three oil channels – oil pump channel, a suction channel, an inlet channel
  • Electronic fire control with photocell
  • The stainless steel ignition chamber
  • Oil tank with a level indicator
  • Trolley included
  • Snorkel
  • Simple maintenance with outside siphon
  • Demonstrative LED


  • Building sites and heating roadworks
  • Workshop and warehouse space warming
  • Agriculture
  • Events and military and emergency space warming