Residential Ventilation 2019-03-27T05:37:57+00:00

A good indoor atmosphere decides the wellbeing and prosperity of the whole family and shields structures and inside from dampness harm.

The HCV scope of residential ventilation units has worked in RH sensors consequently modifying air volumes in connection to the relative humidity in the home. This implies there is no compelling reason to wire the unit up to outer sensors. The HCV units are built with another, light-weight aluminum counter stream heat exchanger created.


  • Request controlled ventilation with integrated humidity sensor
  • This diminishes power utilization now and again with low ventilation demands
  • Summer mode, in which supply fan is halted, and an open window will supply cooler outside air, bringing down the room temperature
  • Fireplace mode, making an impermanent inside overpressure, to improve stack usefulness
  • High effectiveness heat recuperation
  • EC fan engines with very low vitality utilization (low SPI)
  • Simple-to-install and commission arrangement with manufactured – in air pressure spigots for simple alignment
  • Profoundly adaptable units, by changing it up of inner just as an outside frill
  • HCV models occupy just an as meager room as a 60x60cm pantry


  • Private houses
  • Villas
  • Apartments