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Calorex water cooling is perfect for cooling water in an assortment of applications. They can give cold-water to showers in homes or relaxation clubs, dive pools in spas, water immersion pools for games recovery or even water for process cooling.


  • Residential sizes offering up to 900 liters for every hour of cold water production
  • Completely bundled, vigorous and weatherproof development
  • Calm operation
  • Reason worked for a task in the Gulf locale
  • Certified cupronickel WRAS endorsed heat exchanger to enable the unit to be utilized in an immediate framework with potable water
  • Non-ozone exhausting refrigerant (R134a)
  • *WRAS is a conformance mark that exhibits that an item complies to strict models set out by UK water regulations. This standard gives you genuine peace of mind that affirmed products won’t contaminate your water supply and are protected to use inside their expressed weight and temperature ranges


  • Accessible in 60Hz


  • Lodgings and clubs
  • Workplaces
  • Farming